Addressing Hair Loss and Balding

Whether it comes with age, genes, or stress amongst other factors, hair loss and balding is a concern many individuals face. Though hair on the head is not necessary for survival, society deems is pleasing in terms of beauty standards. For decades, society has placed a heavy significance on the positive contribution hair makes to one’s image. Though there have been phases in time where hair in certain places (whether it be facial hair or body hair) was considered undesirable, hair on the head has always been approved of. It is for that reason that hair loss is such a large concern because society has always seemed to shed a positive light on models, celebrities, and other powerful individuals, with hair. Therefore, when an individual is losing or has lost their hair, they may feel less desirable.

Treatments and Remedies for Hair Loss

As time has gone on, the market for products available to help treat, conceal, and prevent hair loss, has only grown and widened. There are sprays, balms, vitamins, and enhancers that do it all. There are also medical and cosmetic procedures that can help restore healthy hair follicles on the balding areas of the head or that can create the appearance of hair strands and follicles such as through tattooing. However, when it comes to male pattern baldness, a highly recommended treatment is a DHT blocker. A DHT blocker comes in the form of natural herbs, shampoos, supplements, and more to make it as convenient as possible to incorporate in the lives of most if not all individuals. DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone, a hormone found in males that can contribute to male pattern baldness. The DHT blockers, therefore, can help men genetically predisposed to balding by resisting the entrance of the hormone and preventing it from shrinking the hair follicles. Therefore, male pattern balding can be addressed by finding a product, such as best dht blocker, to block the hormone that is contributing so heavily to the balding. DHT blockers come in a few different forms but each individual should find what works best for them.

How to Combat Hair Loss and Balding

The best way to begin combatting hair loss is to locate the source of it. If it is stress-related, then meditation and overall lowering your stress levels can help. Scalp massages and certain vitamins can also restore the health of your scalp and hair. Some hair loss can be contributed to by certain hairstyles that pull too much on the hair follicles or chemical processing that compromises the health of your hair follicles. Hair loss can also be caused by unhealthy habits such as drug or alcohol consumption or bad dieting. These sources can be confronted with through a change of lifestyle and proper care. The different causes of hair loss are unique to each individual going through it so results and treatments will vary with each person.