Exploring the Many Reasons a Person Would Want to Visit a Tanning Salon in Winter States

It seems today that everyone wants to have a sun-kissed golden tan all year round. However, it is not that easy for people who live in areas that have extreme winter months. So, the solution to this dilemma has been a growing number of tanning salons popping up all over these winter wonderland states.

However, the question a lot of us who have not participated in this fun little sweat-fest have is, what is the pull of this trend? It seems to me these capsules of heat seem to help their occupants become addicted to a fake aesthetic. Almost like the people who are addicted to plastic surgery, these tan lovers are addicted to keeping an all over tan all year long. Obviously, believing that it is more appealing than their natural skin tones.

As it may make sense for a Floridian to partake in the tanning beds all year round, it is questionable as to why a Coloradan would see a need to glow during winter since the layers they wear do not allow them to show off their glowing bronze skin. So, giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s not about what makes them more pretty to themselves and others?

I researched for some tanning salons castle rock co, and I found something very interesting. I realized that these tanning salons in this snowy hillside state advertise more for the less damaging spray tan than to lounge in the sweatbox. Yes, the customers do lay in the beds from time to time, however, it seems it is more for a pleasurable and warming spa day more than an addiction to the process.

So then, I wanted to know, if this was fact, then why even spray tan? Well, that question should have been answered by my common sense. Like all of us, we have special events that we go to, and sometimes we must show a little skin in our fancy clothes, it is with this realization that the pull to tanning salons in these areas become more understandable.

I am someone who chooses not to damage my skin cells. As a Floridian myself, I seem to see only one view of the process, and I will admit, I have been judging it in a very negative way. I see the people here truly going for addiction purposes and feeling like it is making them more beautiful. I would say this is more of the truth here in the sunshine state. But now, after researching why people in the cooler climates would go to these salons, I feel like I have a different and more positive spin on the growth of tanning salons and why they are so popular.

My final thoughts on tanning would be that it is about the beauty people feel after sunbathing in the booth. The people from the sunshine states like to bronze their skin in a more addictive permanent way that takes more time to fade out. However, the snowy states tend to like a spray tan that you can wash off with less damage to the skin, and in that way, it is used for a temporary fashion flare.